Arihant Maths in 40 days for JEE Mains Pdf Download

Arihant Maths in 40 days for JEE Mains Pdf Download

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the thought of preparing for the JEE Mains? Do you wish you had a structured plan to help you ace the maths section of the exam? Look no further, my friend! The Arihant Maths in 40 days book is here to the rescue, promising to help you crack the JEE Mains with ease.

The book follows a smart, proven 40-day plan to help you master maths concepts and practice problems. And the best part? It’s all in one compact, easy-to-use book! Gone are the days of flipping through multiple textbooks or scrambling to find practice problems online. With this book, everything you need is in one place.

In the first few days of the plan, you’ll start with the basics of maths such as algebra, geometry, and trigonometry. The book presents these concepts in an easy-to-understand way, breaking them down step-by-step with plenty of examples along the way. The practice problems will help you cement your understanding of these concepts, giving you the confidence to tackle more advanced problems as you progress through the 40-day plan.

As you move through the plan, you’ll delve into more complex maths concepts such as calculus and vectors. But don’t worry, the book takes you through these concepts in a gradual way, building on what you’ve already learned in earlier days of the plan. By the time you reach day 40, you’ll be prepared to tackle any maths problem the JEE Mains throws at you.

So what are you waiting for? The Arihant Maths in 40 days book is available for PDF download, giving you instant access to this valuable resource. Whether you’re a JEE Mains veteran or just starting your preparation, this book is sure to help you crush the exam and achieve your dreams.

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“1. “JEE MAIN in 40 Day” is the Best-Selling series for medical entrance preparations.

2. This book deals with Maths subject.

3. The whole syllabus is divided into day wise learning modules 

4. Each day is assigned with 2 exercises; The Foundation Questions & Progressive Questions 

5. Unit Tests and Full-Length Mock Test papers for practice 

6. JEE Main Solved Papers are provided to understand the paper pattern 

7. Free online Papers are given for practice JEE Entrances are the gateway to some of the prestigious engineering technology institutions and every year nearly 10 lakh students appear in the race. The rigorous practice is required to get through the exam. Preparation never ends until the last minute if there is no proper planning done before the exam. The book “40 Days JEE Mains Mathematics” gives you an accelerated way to master the whole syllabus. Day-wise learning modules with clear grounding into concepts helps in quick learning. Each day is assigned with 2 exercises; The Foundation Questions & Progressive Questions for practice. Unit Tests and full-Length Mock Tests are given to provide the real feel of the exam. At the end of the book, there are all Online Solved papers of JEE MAIN 2020 for practice. Moreover, Free Online Practice Material can be availed for you to practice online. This book helps in increasing the level of preparation done by the students and ensures scoring high marks. TABLE OF CONTENT Preparing JEE Main 2022 Mathematics in 40 Days! Day 1: Sets, Relations and Functions, Day 2: Complex Numbers, Day 3: Sequences and Series, Day 4: Quadratic Equation and Inequalities, Day 5: Determinants, Day 6: Matrices, Day 7: Binomial Theorem and Mathematical Induction, Day 8: Permutations and Combinations, Day 9: Unit Test 1 (Algebra), Day 10: Real Function, Day 11: Limits, Continuity and Differentiability, Day 12: Differentiation, Day 13: Application of Derivatives, Day 14: Maxima and Minima, Day 15: Indefinite Integrals, Day 16: Definite Integrals, Day 17: Area Bounded by the Curves, Day 18: Differential Equations, Day 19: Unit Test 2 (Calculus), Day 20: Trigonometric Functions and Equations, Day 21: Heights and Distances, Day 22: Inverse Trigonometric Functions, Day 23: Unit Test 3 (Trigonometry), Day 24: Cartesian System of Rectangular Coordinates, Day 25: Straight Lines, Day 26: The Circle, Day 27: Parabola, Day 28: Ellipse, Day 29: Hyperbola, Day 30: Unit Test 4 (Coordinate Geometry), Day 31: Vector Algebra, Day 32: Three Dimensional Geometry, Day 33: Unit Test 5 (Vector & 3D Geometry), Day 34: Statistics, Day 35: Probability, Day 36: Mathematical Reasoning, Day 37: Unit Test 6 (Probability and Mathematical Reasoning), Day 38: Mock Test 1, Day 39: Mock Test 2, Day 40: Mock Test 3, Online JEE Mains Solved Papers 2020.”

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