Physics Galaxy By Ashish Arora Pdf For JEE Main & Advanced

Physics Galaxy By Ashish Arora Pdf For JEE Main & Advanced

Hey there, lovelies! I wanted to share with you today about a fantastic resource for all of you brilliant minds out there who are studying for the JEE Main and Advanced exams. I recently stumbled upon the Physics Galaxy book by Ashish Arora, and let me tell you – it’s an absolute game changer! In particular, the PDF version of the book has proven to be immensely helpful for me and my friends as we prepare for these challenging exams.

First of all, let me tell you a bit about the author. Ashish Arora is an IIT alumnus who has worked as a senior faculty member at a number of top-notch coaching centers across India. His expertise in the subject of physics is unparalleled, and it clearly shows in the writing of Physics Galaxy. The book provides comprehensive coverage of all topics related to physics for JEE Main and Advanced, and it’s written in a way that’s easily understandable for any level of student.

One thing I really appreciate about Physics Galaxy is how it goes beyond simply reiterating the concepts found in other textbooks. Arora includes a number of helpful tips, tricks, and shortcuts that can make all the difference on exam day. Additionally, the book provides plenty of practice problems at varying difficulty levels, ensuring that you have a full understanding of the topics covered. Whether you’re just getting started with your JEE prep, or you’re a seasoned veteran looking for a new resource, Physics Galaxy is a must-have.

If you’re worried about the cost of buying the physical copy of the book, fear not! The PDF version is easily accessible online, and it’s much more affordable. Plus, you have the added bonus of being able to take the book with you on any device you choose to read it on. Seriously, it’s like having a physics teacher right in your pocket! So if you’re looking for an excellent resource to help you conquer JEE Main and Advanced physics, give Physics Galaxy a try. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

Thanks for reading, my lovely friends. Happy studying!

Physics Galaxy by Ashish Arora is a result of deep stress and serious efforts of the brain of distinguished academician Ashish Arora to ensure fundamental understanding and advance applications of concepts in Physics. This series includes four books that cover the complete syllabus of classes XI and XII. In these books, under each topic, numerous illustrations are included for a better understanding of the concept. Also, to help in understanding the right method to solve questions, a systematically step-by-step approach is adopted in easy and simple explanations for each solved example. After every topic, comprehensive time-bound tests are given to strengthen the objective and comprehensive abilities of students. You can also avail yourself access to the world’s largest encyclopedia of online video lectures for high school Physics. These exclusive lectures are prepared by Ashish Arora. The everyday view count of these lectures is 30000+, and till now, more than 24 million lectures have been watched by students in 180+ countries. Physics Galaxy is undoubtedly among the best Physics textbooks for Class XI and Class XII. Salient Features: Systematically step-by-step approach for easy understanding. Time-bound tests after every topic. Includes four books that cover the complete syllabus of classes XI and XII.

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