Physicswallah Modules Are Officially Available on Reduced Price

Physicswallah has made its name in offering courses and materials for students for either free or at the lowest costs. Physicswallah Modules are one of them which is realtively cheaper when compared to other coaching modules.

To add to this Physicswallah has offered an extra discount to its modules listed below

  • NEET Crash Course in 45 days ₹ 799 / ₹479.40
  • Class 12th JEE Main and Advanced Study Material ₹ 1299 / ₹779.40
  • Class 12th NEET Study Material ₹ 1299 / ₹1039.20
  • Class 11th JEE Main and Advanced Study Material ₹ 1899 / ₹1140
  • Dropper JEE Study Material ₹ 2800 / ₹1680

Reason Behind Price Drop in Physicswallah Modules

Physicswallah has dropped its modules prices for each of its avaialble modules except its latest Sprint for JEE and NEET study materials. This is mainly because only Sprint Materials are in demand as the JEE 2022 and NEET 2022 exams will be held soon. Therefore the students will aim to buy the Sprint Modules and not the Year Long ones.

Should You Buy Physicswallah Modules

If you are a students preparing for JEE 2022 or NEET 2022 then I would suggest you to not run behind any new modules/ books now. You should devote your time in revising your concepts and strenghtening it by giving regular test series.

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