Physicswallah Pocket Courses Launched – Full Details Here

What is Physicswallah Pocket Course

Pocket Course is micro programme from PW where students will be getting lectures starting @ 11 till 23rd January. After which it will cost you around 99.

Should You Buy Physicswallah Pocket Course

Pocket Courses are launched for those students who want to improve their knowledge for any particular topic for their JEE, NEET preparation. For example if you want to enhance your skills on Reaction Mechanism you can buy the Pocket Course with the same chapter.

  • Designed by experts to help students score well in exams.
  • Topics are explained in-depth to understand the concept for success.
  • Best suited for students who are preparing for competitive exams like JEE or NEET, or board exams.

Price of Physicswallah Pocket Course

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Reaction Mechanism
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Molecular Basis of Inheritance
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Centre of Mass & Rotation
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Complex Numbers
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Chemical Bonding

Key Highlights of PW Pocket course:

  1. Daily Live class on PW App with daily tasks assigned
  2. DPP ensuring complete coverage of concepts
  3. Questions + doubt resolution by experts teachers of PW

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